Mosquito net Throw over ECO for hatches – small #1706

  • The best option for boats with roller blinds with combination of mosquito net. Easily mounted mosquito net that is "thrown" over the roof hatch. The lead-free ecological weight band fixates the net so that it is firmly in place. It also works great for boats with blinds. The mosquito net is delivered in a net bag for convenient storage.

    1. Grants good ventilation
    2. Can be used for boats with blinds
    3. Organically manufactured weight band
    4. Suitable for standard hatches with exterior dimensions of 360 x 360 mm (14” x 14”)
    5. Suitable for both sailboats and motorboats
    6. Keeps out mosquitoes, sand flies, No-See-Ums, gnats, wasps etc.
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