Blinds with ventilation for companionway #1360

  • Mosquito net and 100% blackout in the same product. The combination of the two layers of curtain/blind and one layer of mosquito net darkens, lets air through and keeps the mosquitoes out of the boat. It is easily mounted from the inside with two suction cups or the new alternative with magnets. It is suitable for portlights with interior dimensions up to 180 x 430 mm. It's sold in 2-pack. The overlap of the curtain varies depending on the hatch size. Folds down to ⅓ size, storage bag included. Fits all brands of hatches.

    1. Works with open and closed hatch
    2. 100% blackout
    3. Thin, builds less than 3 mm
    4. Suitable for portlight hatches with interior dimensions up to 180 x 430 mm (7" x 17")
    5. Pop-up function for easy assembly
    6. No permanent installation
    7. After use it folds it into a third of its size
    8. Suitable for most hatches/brands on the market
    9. Magnet option as an alternative to suction cup is included
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