Siphon pump ”Blow start” #1690

  • Blow to start the siphon. Text Smart pump that by using the siphon principle. Pump, for example, diesel, gas or water from can to a boat. Start by blowing into the hose, while the rubber plate is held against the neck opening of the can, to fit tightly. A pressure is created that makes the liquid pushed out into the siphon hose. Delivered with end plugs to avoid excess waste in the hose and a convenient storage bag. ~5 - 7 Litres/minute.

    1. No heavy lifting
    2. No waste or messiness
    3. Can be used with all liquids of low viscosity.
    4. (if the hose is used for gasoline/diesel it should not be used for water).
  • Perfect to have at hand in sailboats and motorboats
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