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1121 Spiroll – medium orange

Extends the life of ropes, tamps and removes sound from cleats. Made out of UV-resistant sturdy polyurethane to endure the harshest marine environments. Easy mounted/wrapped and no additional attachment necessary. A special technique enables the cover to automatically wrap around ropes and tamps, which provides a perfect fit. It also reduces "squeaking" from the mooring cleat and protects the boat's gelcoat against wear. 

1121 Fast mount under 15 seconds Fast mount, where and when needed
1121 Easy to roll on Self rolling makes is it to put on a rope/lines
1121 No sound in mooring cleat No sound from the mooring cleat
1121 UV protection UV protected
1121 For rope 8 - 16 mm or up to 5/8"

For rope/lines diameter 8 - 16 mm (up to ⅝”) 

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  • Product size – For rope diameter 8 - 16 mm (up to ⅝”), 400 mm long
  • Material – Polyurethane
  • Color – Orange
  • Weight  – 60 gram (2 oz)
  • Art nr – 1121

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