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  • Hatches and portlight on sailboat
  • Hatches and portlight on sailboat
Blackout curtain (or blind) is an easy way to get it dark inside the boat for a good night sleep. The curtain mounts in seconds with a suction cup from the inside. The curtain has a chromed steel frame that holds out the material (easy to fold for storage). In the middle there is a grommet with a suction cup. Just fold out the curtain and press the suction cup on the glass in the hatch and you have dark inside. As long as the suction cup and hatch is clean the suction cup will sit for a very long time. The curtain will cover the frame to the hatch which makes the universal to brands of hatches. The outside of silver will also reflect heat at daytime.
 Curtain (or blind) for hatches and portlight  Curtain (or blind) for hatches and portlight  Curtain (or blind) for hatches and portlight
On deep hatches we will prolong the suction cup with a small cord (incl. in the retail package). Read more in the Q&A. You may also use the cord to have the hatch in ventilation mode. For hatches with ventilation in the glass, you need a product with two suctions cups #1520 Curtain for hatches with ventilation. On a fiberglass hatch you need to use a plastic plate (the same as for GPS) attached with double sided tape, to get the suction cup to work. The curtains also work on round, rectangular and square hatches.

Montage on deep hatch  Curtain in ventilation mode  Hatch with ventilation in the glass  Fiberglass hatch  Works on round hatches